Podcast Topics: Topics: Uhaul Frustration, The Move, Columbus Travel Calendar.

Columbus Travel Calendar: It’s time to try something new in Columbus. Want to learn how to Declutter for Peace and Freedom, dine at a Vegan Supper Social, and enjoy a Friday night at Buckeye Ceramic Supply? Find out how to do all this and more

Post recording update: On the podcast I ranted about Uhaul. I took Burke’s suggestions and called Uhaul’s main office to sort out the changes they made to my reservation. I now understand why the location changed from my initial reservation, and they say we can pick up the truck at my intended time. So, fingers crossed! ~ Podcast Amy

Tuesdays in January: Healthy Grieving

Saturdays until Feb 23: Linden Area Produce Serve(s) hosted by Columbus Food Not Bombs

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We are happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd on every episode. 

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