Our Story


Amy Collins

Born in Columbus and living most of my life here, I have never explored Columbus as much as I do now while creating Columbus! Something New. From a young age I appreciated local shops, such as Anthony-Thomas Chocolates and Tony’s Coneys, and I still happily support local, independent, unique and family operated businesses! Everyone is a friend, and I want to learn their story. Sharing these conversations with listeners is my mission!

Burke Hill

Growing up just outside of Columbus in Westerville, Ohio, I did a lot of local activities within the city of Columbus. I have always had a passion for the area and the suburbs around it. I even started my family in Columbus - my children were born here! My love for supporting local is as strong as ever. I like when we are out and about, running into new faces, and talking about all that is happening in the area.

Why do we do what we do? Why does C!SN exist?

  • To introduce listeners to local entrepreneurs and big thinkers

  • To be a conduit between community and events, museums, and new experiences

  • To be a value to entrepreneurs as we broadcast them to the world

  • To be a value to listeners as we expand their world and bring them new ideas

Everything we do consistently proves what we believe