Podcast Topics: Mid-America Restaurant Expo, the first week in our new home, Columbus Travel Calendar

Columbus Travel Calendar: It’s time to try something new around Columbus. Do you want to learn about what Capital University was like in the 60s, paint a colorful Columbus, and clean up Camp Chase Trail? Find out about all this and more on this week’s podcast. Also on this week’s podcast - Mid-America Restaurant Expo #MAREXPO

Thank you to Homa of the Ohio Restaurant Association for contacting us to attend the Mid-America Restaurant Expo. While we were there we spoke with many small and family owned businesses. We invite you to discover small businesses we spoke with at the Mid-America Restaurant Expo.

We are happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd on every episode. 

Captain Kidd's new song WIDE EYES is out now and streaming on all platforms! Check out the exclusive premiere from EARMILKhttps://t.co/6gNhAj4G4X