Columbus! Something New 11.22.15

C!SN 11.22.15: GLEAN stuff reawakened, Mikey’s Late Night Slice {Columbus Diaper Bank}, Glenn Avenue Soap Company.


We are all familiar with Black Friday, but let's keep Small Business Saturday in mind, too! To get ready for Small Business Saturday, Burke and I returned to where the big encouragement for this podcast occurred: GLEAN stuff reawakened. The association I work for has a 'dirty Santa' gift exchange and, in preparation, I bought some wonderful products Dawn, shop owner and fabulous person, creates! On this week's podcast, we reach into the C!SN vault for our original interview with Dawn!

Leaving there, we headed back to Mikey's Late Night Slice on S 4th St. (Remember: 4th is one way heading north.) Burke was getting hangry, and two slices from Mikey's took care of that! This time, we ordered two kale salads, too. Mikey's features some extraordinary artwork: see above! While we were there, we spoke to Mikey about the Columbus Diaper Bank, which we have mentioned on the podcast. Assistance does not cover the cost of hygiene items, diapers being one of them. When a parent takes a baby to child care, they must supply a week's worth of diapers. If they do not have money to buy diapers that week, the child cannot stay at child care, then the parent cannot go to work. The Columbus Diaper Bank "works to improve the lives of Central Ohio families by providing diapers to the families in need and to increase community awareness of the need for diapers."

Supporting local also means meeting amazing people who are not only passionate about their product, but also experts. Sunday was a day for us to get to know an amazing couple whose retail store has just opened! Imagine you are a mother unhappy with the ingredients of products used daily with your children. And then imagine you research that product and develop your own safe, effective, high quality and natural alternative. That is exactly what Dr. Sandra Metzler did when she produced her first batch of soap years ago. From there, her soap caught on and became a hit with friends! Fast forward a few years and you will find the soap selling online and used in dining establishments. Fast forward to NOW and you will find Sandra and husband Phil in their new retail location in Grandview! Glenn Avenue Soap Shop features foaming hand soap, bar and beer soap, hand and body lotions, and skin care! We are so happy to have experienced Glenn Avenue Soap Company at Independents' Day, and to have this tremendous shop nearby!

C!SN is always happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd!