Big news!

Columbus! Something New podcast is available in shorter segments.

You can now listen to podcast segments in any order you wish! 

Columbus! Something New -

Itinerary for the Week of 8.28.17

8.27.17 A Whole New Format

This week’s podcast includes Michael of IC3D, Lindsey of Balm skincare, Claire of Aunt Flow, and Trainer James of The Warehouse Gym & Fitness! Also, Urban Scrawl, Matsuricon, Grass Skirt Tiki Room, and Nancy’s Home Cooking

We have fought this battle before—but today we have a special challenge.
— Joe Biden

We love talking about upcoming events in Columbus. Here are links to help you plan ahead! You may need to sign in to Facebook for some links to connect.






C!SN is always happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd.