Columbus! Something New 9.7.15

C!SN 9.7.15: Burke and I review our weekend at the Fashion Meets Music Festival and the Simply Vague store.


The Fashion Meets Music Festival was Saturday and Sunday. Burke and I went to the Studio Movie Grill in the Arena District for media check-in. The heat outside was already a scorcher and we were happy to have a cool place to retreat to, if need be. We want to acknowledge a few groups of people who were instrumental to the event running smoothly: Rebecca and her effort to provide contact between media and fashion designers and music PR people, and we also want to acknowledge the staff of the Studio Movie Grill for being kind and hospitable.

The footprint of the event covered Nationwide Blvd beside the arena, McFerson Commons Park, and a small lot west of the park, which featured additional food trucks. There were four stages, one of which housed a fashion runway. We had arranged to meet the local music group, Captain Kidd, on Saturday afternoon, and we wanted to see as much of the festival as possible until then. Going to the media tent at McFerson Commons Park, we were pleased to meet others in the business: Gerald with Pop Culture Redefined, and Carrington with Fashion with Carrington.

The interview with Captain Kidd is included on this podcast, take a listen to this band comprised of OSU students {Go Bucks}. Each of the five are kind, fun and humble, and extremely talented! Sunday they performed live and we were right there to listen! Like I told Burke during the podcast, I am a metal head, but I have learned I like a variety of music: Captain Kidd included! Give them a listen and watch their video Freaky Love, too.

I found a great opportunity to support local while at Polaris mall this weekend! Simply Vague is a store featuring products made by local vendors. I had been looking for earrings by Geo Supply Co. and she had just set up her display, so... I bought two pair of earrings! And this is big because I have been dedicated to the same earrings for 5 years. Kind of a big change for me! But I really like Geo Supply Co. jewelry!