Columbus! Something New 9.27.15

C!SN 9.27.15: Tonya Eberhart of BrandFace, The Kitchen, and Hogwarts Running Club.


Saturday, Burke and I were charged up to interview Tonya Eberhart with BrandFace! Tonya has the gift of bringing out the 'star' in entrepreneurs, business leaders and real estate agents. Think of using yourself as the branding for your business, such as Jack Hanna, Martha Stewart, and others have done. They believe in their business, they identify what makes them different, and they connect with their ideal client. This is what Tonya guides professionals to do. I am excited for you to listen to her interview we feature on this week's podcast, and then check our her website, blog, and book: BrandFace: Be the Face of Your Business & a Star in Your Industry!

Tonya also shared with us her daughter, Kati's, book: Kati's Journey: One teen's journey to Japan. Growing up, Kati had a strong interest in Japanese culture, and once she turned 16, Tonya and Kati took a trip to Japan. The agreement was Kati would find a way to pay her mother back for the journey. What better way than to write a book about the amazing experience? Using a QR reader, or by watching videos available on her website,  you can experience the journey right along with Kati and Tonya!

Next up on Saturday, Burke and I experienced The Kitchen! This is an event like no other! Have your heard of participatory cooking and dining? Imagine a fantastic meal planned for you, the ingredients and utensils waiting for you, and you work with other diners to prepare the meal! Then, once the meal is ready, you all dine together! This is a fantastic and clever method Anne and Jen designed for guests to connect with one another. Remember we had lots of that before cell phones became social interaction's replacement. [Stepping off the soap box.] Now, phones were out, but only to capture pictures of the beautifully decorated dining room, after that, there was lots of conversation! We were there for Harry Potter Potluck, and the room was decked out with hedges, candelabras, and I even found Harry Potter's eye glasses! Listen to the podcast as we give full details about the magical evening! And I would like to give a special thank you to Anne and Jen for a wonderful evening, and wish them much success. You have truly created Something New!

I know you are not surprised, but we have even more new best friends! We met Aaron, who is Anne's cousin, and also Candi and Shannon. As the night was Harry Potter themed, we had fun conversations about who is our favorite character, did so and so really belong in Gryffindor, and so on.  Candi and Shannon are members of the Hogwarts Running Club, a club which organizes virtual runs, inspired by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and supports a variety of charities. If you enjoy Harry Potter, like to walk or run, and would like to raise money for charities, please check out Hogwarts Running Club!