#ID16 Day 1 and #ID16 Day 2

Columbus! Something New 9.17.16 & 9.18.16

Tune in to these episodes of Columbus! Something New to enjoy two days of Independents' Day 2016!

This was the weekend we have been waiting and planning for. Independents' Day weekend. A celebration of all things independent: art, music, business, science, food, beer, and podcasting. Yes, this year there was a podcast tent which featured eight Columbus podcasts. It was pure joy to be at the festival that inspired this podcast and also creating what we love: a medium to get all those independents to your ears. I loved meeting new connections (check out our interviews), and seeing old friends like Matt from 7THIRTY8 and Carlos from Candle with a Cause. It was a treat to chill with Kate, Matt and Scooter (I call him The Scoot)(I don't think he knows, yet) from the podcast Life with Kate and Matt. I think they saved Burke from some doom after he forgot to meet me in Strongwater, even though he went into Strongwater, but left without me. By the way have you seen the music video You Down with ADD? Yea, I get all that.

I think I have ventured away from Independents' Day. Did you stop by our booth to pick up a Connect Local bag? So many featured guests from past episodes contributed to those bags (Thank You Jennifer from Weiland's Market for the red bags) and do check them all out!

This is a short blog today because I want you to listen to the podcasts and click on all the links I have provided to find out more info about those featured on this week's podcasts (and next weeks!).

Featured on #ID16 Day 1:
Chris Volpe -- GDEX 2016
Victor Dandridge -- Vantage:Inhouse Productions

Featured on #ID16 Day 2:
JBirdistheword -- Artsy Fartsy Stuff
Joel Cramer -- Creator of Adventures of Honzy and Joel
Doug Trott -- Out of the Box Custom Framing
Charlie Pugsley -- Bookspace (Note: This interview will be included on next week's podcast.)

Mama Otter Botique
Cap City Biohackers

We love talking about upcoming events in Columbus. Here are links to help you plan ahead!

C!SN is always happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd!