Cream Puffs are My Heaven

Columbus! Something New 8.7.16

Tune in to this episode of Columbus! Something New to enjoy our interview with Alex Young, and Burke and I chat about the Dublin Irish Festival. Featuring Nancy with the Lost Vikings Hoard and Steve with the Big Idaho Potato!

Meet Alex, Nancy and Larry. On this week's podcast you will hear directly from them!

  • Alex is an entrepreneur who turns his experiences into life lessons for all of us. Through his blog, The Powerful Mind, we experience these lessons right along with him. During my interview with Alex, he shares four powerful lessons he learned a few years ago.
  • Nancy is with the Lost Viking's Hoard. Burke and I chatted with Nancy at the Dublin Irish Festival at the Lost Viking's Hoard historical area. Nancy explained to us the historical importance the vikings had with the development of four current Irish cities, the mission of the Lost Viking's Hoard, and tells us about the Ashville Viking Festival. This festival is held in Ashville Ohio and this year was its 14th event! And who can talk about vikings without singing I Am A Viking?
  • Larry drives the Big Idaho Potato. And when I say big Idaho potato, I mean...look at it (see below). We learn from Larry all the good stuff potatoes have to offer, where the best of the best potatoes go, and just what it's like traveling all over the US hauling the big Idaho potato!

It was a great weekend at the Dublin Irish Festival. Take a look at those pictures of the Big Idaho Potato, the Lost Viking's Hoard, Celtic canines, and musicians! First stop for me, however, was to get a cream puff at Schmidt's. When I tell you I could eat at least one a day... I think Schmidt's should have a giant cream puff on the back of a truck and I would drive it around the US and introduce everyone to the happiness a cream puff brings, just like Larry and the Big Idaho Potato. Staying true to what we had promised ourselves last year, Burke and I had another caricature drawn of us! This time, Columbus artist Steve Campbell with Fun Faces was the special person to put our faces on paper!

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C!SN is always happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd!