Columbus! Something New 8.2.15

C!SN 8.2.15: Ralph Corriveau's award winning artwork is on display at the Ohio State Fair, we remember the Dublin Irish Festival, breakfast at The Hungry Soul Cafe', remember to purchase Sumukh Torgalkar's new comedy album, and we give a special shout out to Dave and Tammy Ferbrache.


Ralph Corriveau is an artist we met at his 400 West Rich studio. His photography has won the Ohio Arts Council "Photography Perspective Award" in the professional division at The Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition, and it is on display at the Cox Fine Arts building until Sunday. When enjoying the day at The Ohio State Fair, be sure to take a look at Ralph's photographs!

Saturday Burke, Carrigan and I spent the afternoon at The Dublin Irish Festival. As you know, we parked at the Metro Office parking lot and took the shuttles there and back. So convenient. Once we arrived into the fair, Carrigan needed fish and chips, and they were there and plenty. We walked through the vendors' tents, Carrigan reminding me she will never see her name pre-printed on anything (don't get her started on the 'Share a Coke with' campaign...). But I was able to order her name carved in a frame which will be sent to me in a few days. We love the InFamous Welch Cookies and picked up two dozen of them. By the way, there is a Welch Festival coming up soon! Burke, along with our friend Carrie, purchased tickets for the Irish beer tasting event. There was also an Irish whiskey tasting event, which had many attendees. As for food, Burke stopped by Mikey's Late Night Slice two times, and Carrigan and I split a bowl of beef & noodles. Looking back, it was strange we did not stop to watch one Irish Dance performance. Carrigan danced for a few years when she was a young girl, and we enjoy it so much. 

Sunday was a The Hungry Soul Cafe' kind of morning. *Update 2.8.16: Hungry Soul Cafe has closed. Check out their website for Anita and George's future plans!* As I mention on the podcast, Anita and George's menu is fantastic, but Burke and I are always hungry for the Hungry Soul Breakfast: eggs any style, hash browns, choice of sausage, bacon or ham, toast and the most amazing waffle you can imagine. This is the kind of food that makes you forget your manners! Remember, when you support a local business, you have the opportunity to not be anonymous! This is an opportunity to meet someone new because small business owners generally are in the business they are passionate about. And most of the time, they want to share that joy with their customers. So, being a customer of Anita's means being greeted with a Hello!, a visit at your table, and a 'how was your meal' before you leave. And it is wonderful!

Burke and I got a taste of The Hungry Soul Cafe's hand cut homemade potato chips, which I would love with a sandwich! I don't know if I have mentioned there is a full bar and some exciting drinks. Adult root beer float, anyone? Also coming up is an evening event with Watershed Distillery. More info available on the podcast, gotta give it a listen!

Sumukh's album is on sale as of August 4 via iTunes! I can tell you firsthand how funny he is and you will enjoy every minute of his album! Support local is even more than local shops and restaurants, it extends to local entertainment, as well.

We also want to say a fond Hello to Dave and Tammy Ferbrache! We appreciate you listening and we wish you all the best!