Deranged Rabbits Everywhere

Columbus! Something New 7.31.16

Tune in to this episode of Columbus! Something New to enjoy our interview with Zach James {Owner of Paddy Wagon food truck and president of Central Ohio Food Truck Association}, chat about Wizard World Columbus Comic Con, Ohio Craft Museum, and Glenn Avenue Soap Company.

You will quickly notice as you listen, Jessica is absent from the podcast. She has hurt herself from her busy weekend, and needs to rest up and use some ice! We sure hope you feel better soon! Last week, Jessica and I had a chance to interview Zach James, owner of Paddy Wagon food truck and president of Central Ohio Food Truck Association. Zach is one busy fella, unloading cases of potato chips from Rue Farms in Springfield Ohio when we arrived. As we chatted, he shared with us not only his experience buying his first truck and driving it across the country to bring it home, his favorite taste from his own menu, but also policy and best practice information from the COFTA. Thanks, Zach, for sharing your story with us!

Saturday, Burke and I walked through the Wizard World Ohio Comic Con. Con kids (and adults) warm my heart and put a smile on my face. Especially when I saw Ruby Rose from the animated web-series RWBY. Burke noticed the odd rabbits traveling up the escalators, and we knew we would have to ask my daughter who they were. From there, we went to Burke's company banquet, where the owner dressed as a pink bunny -- the theme was Christmas in July, Florida Style, and he dressed in Ralphie's pink bunny suit from A Christmas Story. Side note: before leaving for the afternoon on Saturday, we did get our weekly meal of Mezze at the Henderson Road location. Love it.

Sunday, I rallied Burke and we returned to Glenn Avenue Soap Company. Walking through the door, we were immediately greeted by the natural, refreshing aroma of freshly crafted soap, and a smile on the staff person! We learned about their seasonal fragrance, Mojito, and picked up a few products for home! After that, we drove a mile or so west to the Ohio Craft Museum where the current exhibition, MINDful- exploring mental health through art, is on display and runs through August 21. This is a powerful, and thought provoking display of a wide range of art. All of the artists are conveying how mental illness has touched their family, or a specific group in which mental illness has effected. Most of the art, also, is for sale. This was an opportunity to have a quiet moment to reflect on mental illness and consider the many different facets of the illness.

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