Wait for the Screaming Man

Columbus! Something New 7.24.16

Tune in to this episode of Columbus! Something New to enjoy our interview with Philip J. Hickman and Adam Simon with Actors’ Theatre of Columbus. We chat about Best of the ‘bus, 934 Fest, 2x2 Fest, Wolf’s Ridge Brewery, and Franklin Park Conservatory.

Thinking we were beating the heat, Burke, Carrigan and I went to the Franklin Park Conservatory on Saturday. The heat was as undeniable as the beauty! But we enjoyed every minute, learned important bonsai information, and I ate my favorite scone in the world!

Sunday, Burke and I interviewed Philip J. Hickman, Artistic Director, and Adam Simon, Managing Director, of the Actors' Theatre of Columbus. Founded in 1982, the Actors' Theatre of Columbus presents classic theatre to audiences in Schiller Park. With a vision that touches the heart, Philip and Adam shared with us the variety of ways the Actors' Theatre address limitations to accessibility, and finds ways to bring theatre to all. Also learn about the Globe School, which is their educational component. Through the Globe School, children, teens and adults are provided 'a safe place to grow and strengthen their performing skills.'

Live performances are every Thursday-Sunday starting at 8pm at the Schiller Park stage Memorial Day through Labor Day. Listen in as Philip and Adam share tips for many ways to enjoy the performances.

Thursday Jessica and Jason attended Best of the 'bus, tasted lots of food, got awesome swag (I am jealous), and watched the awards! Jessica and Jason had friends over for the weekend and they kept them busy at the 2x2 Fest, Brunch at Wolf’s Ridge Brewery, and the 934 Fest. The 934 Fest was at a small gallery that Jessica highly recommends, and featured artists painting large panels. The 2x2 Fest featured more space than Jessica expected, and Jason enjoyed his favorite hip hop! Added bonus, they got to take home an event poster signed by the artist! Sunday brunch was at Wolf's Ridge Brewery. We then discuss what exactly is a toad in a hole vs. egg in a blanket and the goopiness of egg yolk.

We love talking about up and coming events in Columbus. Here are links to help you plan ahead!

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