Columbus! Something New 7.19.15

C!SN 7.19.15: This episode includes The Village Bookshop, Helen Asian Kitchen Chinese Restaurant, Sumukh Torgalkar's new album, Portia's Cafe, and Weiland's Market.


Carrigan and I visited The Village Bookshop this week to search for summer reading. The Village Bookshop is a fantastic book store to spend a lot to time browsing through shelves and rooms of books. A favorite of mine since I was a young child, returning to The Village Bookshop is always exciting! Carrigan and I spoke with Lori and her mother, Carol, shop owner. Carol shared with us they have owned the bookshop since 1983, and they are the second owners of the shop. The building was originally a church, and the first owner of The Village Bookshop purchased the building about 50 years ago when the congregation outgrew the location. Not only a great place to visit, it is a great way for book lovers to save money. The Village Bookshop purchases overstocked books, and we can save lots of money because of this, as long as we are willing to wait a little while for new releases.

Juli Carvi introduces to another delicious restaurant: Helen's Asian Kitchen Chinese Restaurant. She needs to take us with her on these visits, she knows the best places!

Sumukh Torgalkar, the comedian we featured a few months ago, has announced his album is available for pre-order on iTunes! The Mispronunciation of Sumukh Torgalkar will be available on August 4. In this episode, we revisit our interview earlier this spring with Sumukh.

On Sunday, Burke and I went to Portia's Cafe for the first time! I have been intending to go to Portia's Cafe for a while now, and as we did not have podcast plans set in place, this sounded like a good option! Portia's Cafe is a healthful, vegan option for when you want something tasty, thoughtfully prepared and local! Sounds good, right? We started out with chips and guacamole, and then we each had a quesadilla, mine had the addition of black beans and kale. Their menu is full of delicious choices, next time I will try a wrap!

Driving south on Indianola, Burke and I traveled to Weiland's Market. Weiland's is an independently and family owned market featuring everything you need! Burke and I sampled a bite of sausage and enjoyed looking for familiar local beer in their Beer and Spirits room. Weiland's Market opened in 1961 as Weiland's Fine Meats, and is now in a 18,000 square foot store. This is the grocer you want to visit when you want to support a local, family owned business! And isn't that always?

Burke also reminded us these are the last few days to make your pledge to support DareDevil Dog's kickstarter campaign. Click on the link below for more information!