Columbus! Something New 7.12.15

C!SN 7.12.15: Burke and Amy chat about DareDevil Dogs and Glen Echo Park. Julie Carvi introduces us to Kolache Republic. All this and more!


Burke, Allison and I visited with Tom from DareDevil Dogs on Saturday. Put on your remembering caps to five months ago when, in the freezing cold of February, Burke and I ate at DareDevil Dogs for the first time. Do you remember? Well, rest easy, we share that clip with you on this week's podcast. Anyway, Saturday took us back to DareDevil Dog to talk to Tom about their Kickstarter campaign. DareDevil Dog is a gourmet hot dog shop who shares the same Support Local vision in which Burke and I have. All there food is sourced locally, except the pineapple! Their Kickstarter campaign goal is to prepare their food truck so they can take their gourmet dogs all across town! For now, travel to DareDevil Dogs on High Street, just north of King!

After eating the delicious hot dogs (two vegan & one chicken), we drove a little way to Glen Echo Park. We had read a couple of different stories about Glen Echo being haunted. We were not deterred! Located east of Indianola and north of Arcadia, Glen Echo Park is one of Columbus's ravine parks. Parking in the adjoining neighborhood of GlenMawr, we entered the park via the stairway off of Cliffside Drive. Walking down into the park it is like stepping out from the city and into a refreshing spot, kind of like a memory of Hocking Hills. There are cliffs and a stream and trees and trees! And a bridge. A supposedly haunted bridge.

Juli Carvi introduces us to Kolache Republic! I have never tried a kolache, and now listening to Juli's segment, I am ready to head to 730 South High Street and try a chocolate kolache, an almond kolache, and a cheese kolache! And that is just for starters!