Columbus! Something New 6.21.15

Program 6.21.15: Check out what is coming up in Columbus: Actors' Theatre of Columbus, German Village Haus und Garten Tour, Olde Towne East Tour of Historic Homes, and Wex Drive-In movies. Burke and I chat about our Saturday touring coffee shops during the Columbus Caffeine Crawl!

Check it Out!

Wondering what to do? Here are some suggestions:


Even the pouring rain from Tropical Depression Bill cannot keep us home! Out to Caffeine Crawl we go! Along with our girls, Burke and I traveled first to Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea. Located on North High Street, just north of Henderson Road, Crimson Cup's brew bar offered our first sample of the day: nitrogen-infused coffee! The second sample had a delicious camomile/simple syrup. Yum-meee! Call it a day! But no, there are more coffee shops to visit!

Our second stop was Fox in the Snow located on N 4th St (and remember, 4th runs one way heading north!). Here, we sampled chicory coffee and an iced coffee. Both were tremendous! The historic, mason garage has been renovated for coffee and sweeties, or you can rent the space for an event!

Next was Boston Stoker on Neil Ave. By now, the rain truly needed to calm down. The parking lot had flooded but we were able to find a safe place to park. While at Boston Stoker, we learned about the importance of purchasing coffee directly from the farmer and building that relationship. A story shared with us was of the farmer who produced the coffee beans. He had not had a cup of coffee produced from his own crops until Boston Stoker came along!

The rain had calmed down and we drove to S 3rd in German Village to visit Stauf's Coffee Roasters. Here, we had espresso in little bitty cups and (Hello!) little bitty cupcakes. If you know me, you know cupcakes are A+ in my book! At Stauf's we learned about roasting coffee beans and, also, some coffee trivia. Listen to the podcast to find out how much you know about coffee!

Traveling a short way to Parsons Ave, we enjoyed Upper Cup Coffee Co. The owner's sister and mother treated us all to an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Dates, sweet bread and popcorn accompany the coffee during the ceremony. The coffee beans are hand roasted during this daily ceremony. This was an experience I am glad to have been a part of. While this is not the daily roasting method at the Upper Cup Coffee Co., you can contact them if you would like to add this ceremony to your event. And yes, the coffee smelled perfect and tasted fantastic, as well!

Laaaassstt Stoppppp (by now, our ears were ringing from the caffeine) was The Roosevelt Coffeehouse. Burke and I had been there once before, but I was super excited to try a new drink of theirs I had seen via social media. You will not believe it when I tell you, but it is tonic water and espresso! Completely unexpected, but this drink was zippy and refreshing! The Roosevelt Coffeehouse is a non-profit with a mission to fight against hunger, help support clean water organizations and support organizations against human trafficking. Check out their website for more info!

We are so happy Sadie contacted us about promoting Columbus Caffeine Crawl, as this was a tremendous opportunity to explore Columbus coffee shops. There are many opportunities to visit these wonderful coffee houses this summer, so be sure to check in with each one of them!