Columbus! Something New 6.12.16

C!SN 6.12.16: Events next week: Pride Festival and the Grove City Wine and Arts Festival. On this episode: Westgate Home & Garden Tour, Columbus Arts Festival, interview with Lucie Shearer and Jake Mensinger.


While Jessica is on the mend, Burke and I chat about things to do in Columbus. The Columbus Pride Festival is Friday and Saturday, with a parade Saturday. This is a wonderful opportunity to show solidarity and love in Columbus. On Saturday, head to Grove City for the Wine and Arts Festival. Here is a change to taste a variety of Ohio wine!

Also on the podcast, Burke and I chat about our weekend with our girls! We went back to Westgate on Saturday for their Home & Garden Tour. I am such a tree person, and Westgate is full of big, mature trees and charming homes! How often do you get to see a Little Library and have a fairy welcome you to tour a home? We got to see both during the tour!

On Sunday, when it was a lot cooler, we browsed through the Columbus Arts Festival. Our goal: Lucie Shearer's booth! We got to see Lucie and Jake Mensinger, and I hope you take a look at their art via the links below, and enjoy the selection of our previously published interview with both Lucie and Jake on this podcast.

C!SN is always happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd!


Up and Coming Events in Columbus and Surrounding Areas: