Columbus! Something New 5.25.15

Program 5.25.15: We visit The Hills Market Downtown and take a walk along the Long Street Cultural Wall. Ever wondered what it is like to live downtown? Listen to our conversation with Ben & Becky Heckman to find out!


Saturday: After spending lots of time last weekend on the Urban Living Tour 2015, Burke and I decided to head back to downtown this weekend! We wanted to see a couple of things we did not see last weekend. First stop was The Hills Market Downtown. Located on 95 N Grant Ave, The Hills Market Downtown describes themselves as an Ohio-Grown market. They feature produce, prepared foods and pantry items from the state of Ohio and make it easy for customers to spot! We noticed Ohio products through the aisles because The Hills Market marks them clearly. Speaking with a friendly market associate, he shared with us the many events The Hills Market has during the week. Check out their website, facebook page or follow them on Twitter to find out more!

Leaving The Hills Market, we drove the short distance east to the Long Street Cultural wall. This bridge connects the King-Lincoln and the Discovery Districts. To describe the bridge makes it hard to believe: on one side is a wall of images honoring local artists, landmarks and leaders, while the other side is a beautiful grass covered park with benches and flowerbeds. It was unbelievable to Burke and me because we were sitting in a park above the freeway! Cars were traveling below us, and it felt just as though we were sitting on solid ground. Take a drive to the bridge and enjoy the historic images and relaxing park!

Monday: Burke and I enjoyed visiting with his cousin, Ben, and his wife Becky. Initially Ben and Becky lived in Bexley, moved to NY City, then returned to live in Downtown Columbus. Ben and Becky have a lively conversation with us about living in Bexley where they discovered how nice it is to have everything you need on the street you live on, living in a 300-square-foot-ish apartment in NY City, and then searching for a new apartment in downtown Columbus in February! Thank you Ben and Becky for sharing your time with us and sharing your experiences with our listeners!