Columbus! Something New 4.5.15

Program 4.5.15 Acre Farm-to-Table, Experience Columbus, Dine Originals Columbus Deck, The Columbus Coffee Experience, The Hungry Soul Cafe, Boline Apothecary, and more!


At this point, Burke and I plan each episode of the Columbus! Something New podcast. We have actually had one Strategic Planning Meeting, and we should probably get into the good habit of having them weekly. Anyway, I share this with you so I can also share with you sometimes things happen. Friday, something happened. Sweeties at work! And I could not say 'no.' So, I knew Friday evening I needed something fresh and green to eat. I decided Acre Farm-to-Table was going to hit the spot! Saturday afternoon we headed to Acre where I ordered a Kale Caesar Salad with tofu. It was just what I needed and I actually do not remember raising my eyes for a moment once I started to eat. It was that good. Burke had already eaten that morning, so he ordered a mango-pineapple smoothie and a sweet corn cookie. Acre has extended their hours to Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm, so you need to get there and get some fresh, colorful, local food!

Back on track to the planned program! A few weeks ago, Burke and I stopped by the Experience Columbus location at 277 W Nationwide Blvd. This is the place to go when you are looking for great ideas to do here in Columbus, or even Columbus souvenirs. Let me share with you a couple of things we found:

  • Dine Originals Columbus Deck: Dine Originals Columbus members are local restaurants with a shared value of supporting and strengthening the local economy via education and charitable partnerships. The Dine Originals Columbus Desk is a deck of 52 cards, each with a different deal from a member restaurant.
  • The Columbus Coffee Experience: Eight local coffee shops come together and invite you to give them a try! Pick up a Columbus Coffee Trail card, visit at least four of the eight coffee shops, buy a drink and have your card stamped, return the card to Experience Columbus, and get a free t-shirt!

While at Experience Columbus, we picked up a card for The Hungry Soul Cafe. Wow-sers! *Update 2.8.16: Hungry Soul Cafe has closed. Check out their website for Anita and George's future plans!* I am so glad we did. Anita and George Keller have combined Hungarian and Southern style cooking on one menu! Burke and I visited last Sunday morning for brunch. We each ordered the Hungry Soul entree, see the photo above of our delicious meal! Starting with the egg, we ate and did not come up for air until we each finished the Belgian waffle. George and Anita have perfected the waffle! Once we were done, we had a few minutes to talk with Anita, and later met George. This is another time I can tell you we are blessed to have this podcast. We appreciate these opportunities to meet local business owners who love what they do and are passionate about what they bring to the customer. Anita and George are kind and joyful, and I hope you stop by for a meal and be sure to take a few moments to say hello to this wonderful couple. Keep in mind: if you go on Sunday, parking meters are free, as is the Columbus Museum of Art (free on Sundays) and the Ohio Statehouse Tour (free every day).

Saturday night we stopped by Boline Apothecary for the one year brick and mortar party! Located in Clintonville, on 15 W Dunedin Road, Boline Apothecary is the place to go to for natural, herbal care. Lily, owner of Boline Apothecary, guided us to natural products created to help balance our immune system and to help with migraines. Boline Apothecary offers many classes which you can read about and register for via their website. I would like for you to read more about Boline Apothecary and stop by and say hello to Lily!

A trip to Nana's for Easter wrapped up our weekend. Burke, Carrigan and I enjoyed many, many deviled eggs. On this podcast episode, Burke and I have the important discussion: Which is best? Deviled eggs with sweet or dill relish?