Columbus! Something New 4.26.15

Program 4.26.15: We revisit friends from past episodes: 400 Farmers Market {fincaChocolate, Candle With A Cause, Ralph Corriveau}, Yellow Brick Pizza, The Hungry Soul Cafe. And we visit some new places: The Angry Baker and The Ohio Statehouse, and much more!


Lots to talk about on this week's episode! We laughed about the movie The Internship, talked Twitter, Burke and I are So Happy to listen to Columbus's own Suzy Waud on her podcast "Waudcast" available to listen via Spreaker, and Nigel was groomed at TLC Grooming. Our friend, Juli Carvi, introduces us to Guadalajara on Cleveland Avenue and Burke & I chat about her upcoming Columbus Restaurant Road Rally-Food Drive!

Saturday: Most of the story is about revisiting friends we have made and places we have visited during prior episodes. It is hard for me, for the family, to stay away from 400 W Rich, and the 400 Farmers Market. While there, we spoke with Dan and Nancy from Logan OH. They created fincaChocolate, a chocolate company with a worthy mission. Take a look at their website and learn more about this amazing company. We headed over to Candle With A Cause's table. New scents and new beneficiaries for us to learn about! Upstairs in his studio we found Ralph Corriveau and spoke to him about his upcoming 400 Days, on May 8th. This will be his solo art show showcasing a variety of his work, pieces not on display at this time in his studio!

After walking through the 400 Farmers Market, we drove to Yellow Brick Pizza. Burke, Allison, Carrigan and I split two medium pizzas and Burke had a flight of beer! Good times there and we always enjoy the artwork! After lunch, we walked across the street to The Angry Baker. We purchased three cookies and a giant lemon cupcake, to go! I saw diners eating a variety of lunch items, take a look at their menu! Burke walked towards the back and saw they have a patio for guests to enjoy.

Sunday: Back to The Hungry Soul Cafe we go! *Update 2.8.16: Hungry Soul Cafe has closed. Check out their website for Anita and George's future plans!* This time, we told our girls to prepare for the most delicious breakfast! This week, I was not a member of the clean plate club! Wooooooo-eeee! So much food. Burke, Allison and I each ordered the Hungry Soul Entree, while Carrigan selected the Biscuits and Gravy. The table was so quiet as we ate, and we cannot blame it on being plugged in to electronics. We were eating! From there, we walked the short walk to The Ohio Statehouse. Remember, meter parking is free on Sunday and it is free to go into The Statehouse. There are tours available, and there is a special commemoration display to remember President Lincoln's funeral train traveling through Columbus.