Columbus! Something New 4.19.15

Program 4.19.15: Columbus Comedian Sumukh Torgalkar, Chile Verde, The Roosevelt Coffeehouse, Earth Day Columbus, and more!


Opening the show, Burke and I check out his latest purchase: Beard Oil! He is working on the beard once again, and this time will be softening up the beard with Cliff Original Beard Oil. We found this local product at Whole Foods Dublin. I also encouraged Burke to attend a Buckeye Bearders meeting! Check them out on facebook!

Thursday: My coworker, Sarah, and I attended local comedian Sumukh Torgalkar's performance at Columbus Funny Bone Comedy Club. Sumukh had contacted Columbus! Something New a few weeks ago and invited us to this performance as he was looking forward to recording his first album! Sarah and I enjoyed all the comedians during Sumukh's recording. Burke and I plan to speak with Sumukh soon and have him share with all of us his story! This is a great opportunity to Support Local! Support Local is more than restaurants and shops. Remember to support local entertainers!

Saturday: As often happens with our plans, things happen. After spending a few very frustrating hours at home, Burke and I were not in the mood to travel far. I remembered my friend, Kelly, mentioned a great local restaurant she went to, Chile Verde! I will take this opportunity to mention, I do not believe in coincidences. We were destined to go to Chile Verde on Sawmill Road. When we saw a Small Business Beanstalk sticker displayed on the front door, we knew we were in the right place! Service was spot on: friendly, knowledgeable and quick! Emily took care of us during our visit, and she went over drinks and the menu with us. I ordered probably the best margarita I have ever had, and shortly after our drinks were brought to the table, our food arrived! Did they realize I was so hungry? Fajitas and quesadillas never tasted so good! Burke spoke with Tom, to let him know we were there, who we are and how much we enjoyed our meal.

Sunday: You remember when Burke and I spoke about the Columbus Coffee Experience card? Sunday was our first official visit to a participating coffee shop! And, well, we left our Columbus Coffee Experience card hanging up on our refrigerator! But no worries! The Roosevelt Coffeehouse had a stack of cards ready for customers. Located in the Discovery District of downtown, The Roosevelt Coffeehouse has an admirable mission: To support organizations who provide clean water, help the hungry and fight against human trafficking. The coffeehouse has not only a wall full of windows to sit beside and enjoy your coffee, but a meeting room and a large room for live performances. While you are there, get a pastry to go along with your coffee. The Roosevelt donut is available daily,  along with a variety of muffins and cupcakes. While we were there, we saw another coworker of mine, Chris, and we were joined by Burke's cousin, Ben, who lives a few blocks away. We hope to talk with Ben and his wife, Becky, in a upcoming podcast!

My daughter found an opportunity to volunteer for earth day over the weekend. Through the website Earth Day Columbus, you can find opportunities to volunteer here in Columbus for the weekend following Earth Day, as well.

Now I can share with you the purchase I made weeks and weeks ago when we stopped by Urban Emporium in Bexley. Co-owner Aimee Re repurposes sweaters and creates the sweetest animals. I found a darling owl for my friend's baby-to-be, and now baby is here and gift has been given, I can show you the sweet owl!