Columbus! Something New 3.22.15

Old Franklinton Cemetery, one of the stops along the Columbus Landmarks Foundation's Franklinton Then and Now Bus Tour

Old Franklinton Cemetery, one of the stops along the Columbus Landmarks Foundation's Franklinton Then and Now Bus Tour

Program 3.22.15: Mission and Success, Columbus Landmarks Foundation's Franklinton Then and Now Bus Tour {Old Franklinton Cemetery, Glass Axis Glass Art Studio, Columbus Idea Foundry, Strongwater Food and Spirits}, and more!


Saturday: Back to Franklinton we go! Burke and I joined the Columbus Landmarks Foundation's Franklinton Then and Now Bus Tour. I have traveled through Franklinton many, many times and had not thought twice about the history of this important part of town. Doreen, our tour guide, was so full of Franklinton knowledge (and talking with her after the tour, she is full of knowledge about many parts of Columbus!). Franklinton was a pioneer settlement. Lucas Sullivant was a surveyor in the late 1700's and was paid for his work with the land on the west side of the river in 1797. He gifted out sections of this land to grow the settlement. He did this in a small brick building which still sits on Gift Street. I encourage you to read more about Lucas Sullivant and the growth of Franklinton.

We stopped by the Old Franklinton Cemetery. Lucas Sullivant was buried here, however he was later moved to the Green Lawn Cemetery. The Old Franklinton Cemetery is a grassy plot of land with a few old, old grave markers, an obelisk, and a stone wall. I with I could give you the detail Doreen shared with us. That was a struggle of mine through the tour: do I pay attention and thoroughly enjoy the tour or do I take notes. Well, I enjoyed the tour!

Next was Glass Axis Glass Art Studio. Coming together in 1987, students and graduates of The Ohio State University's Glass Art Program developed the Glass Axis to promote glass art. This location provides facilities for experienced glass artists, glass art classes and events. Check out their website for classes offered and more information.

Our bus then stopped by the Columbus Idea Foundry. This is self described as a 'premier Makerspace...a community workshop, learning center, and creative space.' So, imagine joining a gym. You pay a membership to use the weights and equipment at the gym. You may need some training before using the equipment, so they can provide the appropriate training. The same idea applies here except instead of weights, it is Industrial Arts (ok, that is what it was called back in the olden days). Members take an orientation course, woodwork for example, then are able to use the woodworking tools. This is a very basic overview of the Columbus Idea Foundry, and I encourage you to take a look around their website!

Last stop: Strongwater Food and Spirits. Burke and I each had a beer, he had grilled wings, and celery with blue cheese, while I had a fried chicken slider and fries. One word: Tasty! We enjoyed the atmosphere and the food! I was sad for the tour to be over, as I could have listened to Doreen for hours longer. The bus tour experience was enough to show me how much sense it makes to become a member of the Columbus Landmarks Foundation!

Sunday: Carrigan and I spent time volunteering at the Homeless Families Foundation, also located in Franklinton. Hundreds of food donation boxes were brought in and volunteers (of all ages!) worked together sorting the boxes. Carrigan and I are still not sure if raisins are considered 'Snack' or 'Fruit.' She says fruit while I believe raisins to be snack.

Franklinton is rich in history, and the pioneering spirit of Lucas Sullivant lives on today!