Columbus! Something New 3.20.16

C!SN 3.20.16: Westerville South Boys Basketball State Champions, Delaware Hayes Spring Musical Les Misérables, and we connect you to Jessica with City Salt Spa Family Wellness Center.


Twitter is a wonderful way to find new connections. About every week or so, I review our new followers on Twitter. Then, and Burke and I discuss whether a certain follower would be a good fit for a C!SN podcast interview. Thank you Twitter!

We are now connected to City Salt Spa Family Wellness center. In this week's podcast, we are happy to bring you an all new interview with City Salt Spa's owner, Jessica. In the interview, Jessica describes salt therapy (halotherapy), its uses and who it would benefit, the history behind salt therapy, and more! If you suffer from allergies, sinus issues, asthma (and more) this interview is just for you!

City Salt Spa, located in Plain City, is a short drive from Columbus. Besides adult and children salt therapy sessions, City Salt Spa offers massage therapy, yoga, and a variety of programs for children and adults!

Burke and I experience a salt therapy session while we were there. Sitting in front of the illuminated Himalayan Salt Brick wall, we were completely relaxed and unplugged from the world! He went in with a junky nose from his cold, and emerged breathing free!

Listen to the podcast, and check out City Salt Spa Family Wellness Center's website for more information!

C!SN is always happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd!