Columbus! Something New 1.31.16

C!SN 1.31.16: Interview with Ian Smith from Columbus Love, Art Studio Clearance Sale, our reminder not to say bad things about your mother (you may end up in stitches), and more.


The podcast opens with our well wishes to Jessica and our hopes she heals up quickly! Burke and I reminisce all the way back to last week when karma bit him in the forehead! (I will spare you the pictures.)

I attended the Rock and Roll Book Club's first live taping podcast event, and it was a huge success! Congratulations R&RBC!

Our interview with Columbus Love founder Ian Smith is featured in this episode. Columbus Love is focused on finding new, meaningful, and global service work for millennials! Take a look at their visit to Haiti!

Sunday, Burke and I strolled through the Art Studio Clearance Sale, brought to you by Ohio Designer Craftsmen! So many choices of beautiful art, and I fell in love with Mary Gaye Miller's art!

C!SN is always happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd!