Columbus! Something New 12.13.15

C!SN 12.13.15: Fantasy of Lights at Alum Creek State Park, Scioto Mile & Genoa Park. Sumukh Torgalkar prepares to move, Columbus Historical Society, and Cheers-An Art & Music Market by Creative Babes.


This was the weekend for holiday lights! Friday we strolled down the Scioto Mile and over to Genoa Park. Not only is the new riverside beautiful, it is especially lovely lit up! Saturday evening we drove to Delaware to see Alum Creek State Park's Fantasy of Lights. Now, they suggest you visit Monday-Thursday to avoid the wait. However, if you do go Friday-Sunday do not worry, the line of cars is constantly moving and you will be to the lights in no time. Let you children wear their jammies and take snacks! This is a good time to spend listening to Christmas songs in the car! The lights truly are beautiful, we were often saying, "Oh look at that!"

Columbus's own comedian, Sumukh Torgalkar, is heading out to Los Angeles. I do not know any other way to break the news to you. Had to rip off the band-aid. We had a nice lunch with him at General Tso's on Godown Rd. If you have listened to his stand-up, you will understand why we went there for lunch. Check out Sumukh's album on iTunes, or select him as a station on Pandora!

Sunday, we headed back to the riverfront to the COSI building. That is where you will find the Columbus Historical Society located. This free museum is now featuring Reaching for the Sky: The History of Columbus Aviation. If you grew up going to COSI on E. Broad St., you will remember the coal mine attraction. The Columbus Historical Society has the coal mine's elevator, the miner mannequin and photos of the coal mine at the old COSI. From there, we walked west a little bit to the Creative Babes - Cheers! An Art + Music Market located in Strongwater. Any chance to go to Franklinton or a craft market, and we'll be there!

C!SN is always happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd!