Paintball in the Snow

Columbus! Something New 12.11.16

This podcast includes SplatterPark Paintball Games and your Columbus itinerary.

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When I told my coworkers what I had planned to do over the weekend, they said, "That does not sound like something you would do." They were right! Paintball is not something that sounds like what I would typically do, but when you have a podcast called Columbus! Something do new things! A few weeks ago, Jessica asked if we were interested in joining her group for a paintball experience. Burke and I agreed and had no idea what to expect!

SplatterPark Paintball Games is an easy drive about 40 minutes north of Westerville in Mount Gillead. Check out their website for full details about the games they offer, and of course listen to the podcast for our experience! I could not have imagined I would have had so much fun, especially in the snow, but it truly was exciting we did not even feel the 29' temperature! And a special thanks to our guide, Trent, for helping us have such a good time!

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