Columbus! Something New 11.29.15

C!SN 11.29.15: Exciting events are coming up next weekend! Also, we attend the Not Your Mama’s Holiday Market, browse through Wholly Craft, and check out the Lego exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art! All this and a recap of Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving. What does that word mean to you? To me, it means a day or two to chill with family. Hopefully to get outside and have a walk. Burke and I have a lot to be thankful for, especially after such an amazing year of meeting wonderful people through producing this podcast. Thanksgiving 2015 was spent with both of our families, and that is always joyful!

There are many events to enjoy this weekend, starting on Thursday and Friday! Take a look at the links below for a few of them around Columbus!

This weekend, Burke and I went to the Not Your Mama's Holiday Craft Market. You have heard us talk about their pop up markets, but this was the big one with over 70 vendors! It was well attended! Great job!

With Carrigan, we stopped by Wholly Craft for the first time! Located in Clintonville, Wholly Craft has been around for ten years, feature one of a kind handmade gifts, and also workshops. After attending the craft market, I just know there is a craft out there for me! Maybe I can learn just the right one at Wholly Craft!

From there, we headed downtown to the Columbus Commons. Lots of lights are already up! Check the link below for information about the lighting of the Scioto Mile!

Good for us! We went to the Columbus Museum of Art on free day Sunday! Burke wanted to see the Lego display and Carrigan had not seen the new wing yet! This was a great way to wrap up the holiday break!

C!SN is always happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd!


Exciting events coming up!