Columbus! Something New 10.4.15

C!SN 10.4.15: Crazy stories, Urban Arts Space, The Columbus Blue Jackets, Short North Arts District.


Burke should never worry we will have nothing to talk about. We always have something to talk about, and this episode of C!SN is full of stories! What we really enjoy doing is telling a story, or two! This week, we open the show with Celine Dion and The Bee Gees, and also our bat story!

From the above pics you can see we were busy this weekend. Saturday was cold and yuck outside, but we browsed through the Urban Arts Space to see the Open This End: Contemporary Art from the Collection of Blake Byrne exhibit. As Burke and I talked, not all art is designed to be simply beautiful to look at. Contemporary art is designed to make a social statement and to make the observer think! At one time or another, even historic art to us now was contemporary to them then, so what may be favorable for us to look at now, was actually a commentary to life and society then. You get what I'm saying?

Saturday evening we went to the Columbus Blue Jackets last preseason game and have a fantastic time! If you have not attended a hockey game, you might want to give it a try. Both the game and the players are lightening fast! If you blink, you very well may miss something! But no worries, when the Blue Jackets score, there is a cannon blast to help celebrate. I just want to give you that heads up! And the night we went, there was an amazing win by the Blue Jackets, 7-1! Congratulations!

Sunday was beautiful and we went back to the Short North Arts District. Even though we have been many times, there is always something there for us to try for the first time. We split a falafel pita and pistachio baklava at Happy Greek. It was so nice to eat on the patio Sunday after the crappy cold day Saturday! A couple doors down is Big Fun, a collectible and vintage toy store. I saw the Strawberry Shortcake character I had as a child: Raspberry Tart! Go to Big Fun is you want to see toys from your childhood! Heading back to the car we took at look at the art on display at the Pizzuti Collection. The Pizzuti Collection is located on Park across from Goodale Park. This Sunday just happened to be Family Free day, and we took advantage of that! The current exhibit is US IS THEM, a collection of art focusing on social justice and current affairs. Again, art is not always there to make us feel light and pretty, it is there to make us reflect and think, and sometimes feel uncomfortable with having the truth expressed in a variety of mediums.