Columbus! Something New 9.13.15

C!SN 9.13.15: Cyclops Fest {Matt with 7THIRTY8 Apparel. LollyBaba Quilts and Things, Over the Line Productions}, Raven’s Market {Wendy with FusionBakery & Cafe.’ Carousel Watergardens Farm}.


"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." Dr Wayne Dyer

Now, I am not saying every person we met this weekend was miserable before they ventured into their business (I will say one was and he knows who he is), but this quote about motivation from Dr Wayne Dyer speaks to me. I imagine it speaks to all who have a passion, or find a need, and then take the big step to put that passion to action!

Our 'passion turned to action' took us to Yellow Springs Ohio on Saturday to the Cyclops Fest. This is a festival featuring handmade vendors, live music, food trucks and craft beer. We had met Matt with 7THIRTY8 Apparel a few weeks ago at the Not Your Mama's Craft Market, and followed him to the Cyclops Fest so we could connect him to our listeners. I really appreciate his story: he was not happy where he was professionally, he saved up a few months' income, he said Bye Bye to his job, and he started a hobby in his new down time. Little did Matt expect, his hobby became his career! Now, his apparel is featured in many shops, and you can find him at markets, as well. Listen to our new buddy, Matt, on the podcast!

While at Cyclops Fest, we decided to (finally) have our caricatures drawn! Every time we go to a festival, we are interested in having our caricature drawn, and this time we did it! Eric with Over the Line Productions was the artist who drew us and we had a great time talking with him! Be sure to check out his website if you find yourself needing an artist for an event! This was a blast, and we are now addicted to having our caricatures drawn, even though we have only one!

The last connection I have for you from the festival is Mary with LollyBaba Quilts and Things. While Burke walked our caricature back to the car, I browsed the festival. As I always have my eyes open for totes, I was drawn to Mary's display. Once I touched a market bag she created from a repurposed hand-stitched quilt, I was sold. Quilts were a regular feature in my home growing up, so the touch of a quilt takes me back. Then, I listening to the care Mary takes with each old quilt: 7 days to hand wash dust and wood smoke out of a quilt, next is hand mending, then Mary revives the quilt into a market bag, messenger bag, pennant, Christmas stocking or table runner. I appreciate the care Mary takes with each quilt and, also, the fact she finds this piece of someone's history so important. Take a look at Mary's craft on her Etsy page.

We left Cyclops Fest and Burke showed me around Yellow Springs. It is an understatement to say I fell in love with the town. Yellow Springs is the very example of what Burke and I believe in: support local. And just to prove it, see the board above? Friends don't let friends shop at chain stores! We had a bite to eat, then browsed through a few stores. I wanted to go into every store which sold used books as I was looking for books by Dr Wayne Dyer. And I was not disappointed! Quite the opposite! I found four of his books in Yellow Springs, one of which was signed by him! Success! Knowing we were going to leave Yellow Springs actually made me sad. But, I know we can return! Soon!

Sunday was another fantastic day! We had met Wendy with Fusion Bakery & Cafe,' in the Summer at the Bosco Flea. She is 100% fantastic and we wanted to connect with her again! So, we went to her tent at the Raven's Market. This farmers market is located on 1555 S James Rd, and it is the perfect size farmers market! There were produce booths, bakers' booths, and Wendy! I want you to listen to Wendy on the podcast as she shares with us what Fusion Bakery & Cafe' is doing here in Columbus! Wendy started as a catering business, and now has a soup kitchen every Friday at 1509 E Main St, a pancake breakfast the last Saturday of the month, she travels to markets, teaches, and is working on making her brick & mortar location open full-time! She has a mission to connect guests of the cafe' to local agencies while they are enjoying their meal! And I have not even told you about her fantastic baked goods, which I am sorry we do not have photos of! Sunday, she had lavender and honey infused sea salt caramels, ginger cookies, ginger cookie sandwiches with white chocolate buttercream, chocolate chip spiced pecan cookies (and these same cookies with a peanut butter fluff filling), blueberry strawberry hand pies, and two types of foccacia bread!

Next to Wendy's tent, was the tent belonging to Carousel Watergarden Farm. I spent some time talking with Cathy from the farm and learned about honey, purple beans that turn green when you cook them, and the upcoming Winter Farmers Market in Clintonville! Not that I am looking forward to the winter, but it is good to know we can get fresh **local** produce in the winter! Looking at the Carousel Watergarden Farm website, Cathy and her husband Mark are busy with farming organic, sustainable, family owned and operated agriculture! They supply to customers a wide range of products: eggs, chickens, turkeys, produce, and they even have a few CSA options! Take a look at their website, then head to the Raven's Farmer Market to pick up something fresh and tasty!