Columbus! Something New 3.1.15

400 West Rich, Farmer's Market. Good things are happening in Franklinton!

400 West Rich, Farmer's Market. Good things are happening in Franklinton!

Program 3.1.15: Bibibop Asian Grill, 400 Farmers Market {Quirky Clean, fincaChocolate, Boline Apothecary, Ralph Corriveau}, More Snow, Preview of Next Week {Arnold Sports Festival}


Saturday: Burke, our girls and I meet at Bibibop Asian Grill on Henderson Road. A minimalist feel with an open floor plan, this is a good choice for a quick and healthy meal. Next, we drive south on 315 to Franklinton. One of my favorite places! I realize today the theme is, 'Beauty.' Actually, more like, 'What is beauty?' I have lived in Columbus all my life and have not put much thought into Franklinton. I am filled with admiration for today's artists and dreamers who looked a Frankinton and saw what truly is there: history, and the beauty in history. Are you able to see the beauty, too? I have gratitude for the energy found in Franklinton and I thank the artists establishing themselves there.

First booth we stopped at was Quirky Clean so the girls could make their own lip balm. Quirky Clean is a handmade body and home care company based out of Westerville, OH. The make your own lip balm was a special event during the market and the girls selected their own flavor out of many choices.

We spoke with Dan and Nancy with fincaChocolate. From their website, their mission is To produce small batches of fine chocolate, fairly and responsibly. Not only an honorable mission, but phenomenal chocolate. At the market, Dan and Nancy offered five different chocolates, based on the cocoa percentage. One chocolate choice was made with goats' milk! Wow!

Boline Apothecary's booth was our next stop. Reading more on Boline Apothecary's website, owner Lily believes in local, natural and ethically produced ingredients. Boline Apothecary has a brick and mortar location in Clintonville, and we will visit them soon for some natural help for my migraines! 

If you take a trip to the market, remember to walk through the building and visit with the artists with open studios. My daughter looks at the few empty studios to decide which one one will eventually be hers! While we were walking through, we stopped and talked with Ralph Corriveau. Ralph is a Columbus native who travels on his motorcycle and takes amazing photos along the way! Eventually, our conversation moved to drag racing, and, chances are, he may have raced with my dad in the '70s or '80s! Such a small world when you get to know people.

Sunday: Snow again. Yes, again. We want to take the time to thank the snow plow drivers who, by now, are even more exhausted than we are of all the snow. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The City of Columbus has made available Columbus Warrior Watch to see the streets the snow plows have cleared.



  • Bibibop is inspired by bibimbap, which is Korean mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables. Currently, Bibibop has four locations in and around Columbus, with more on the way!
  • 400 Farmers Market is located in the 400 West Rich Street building. Built in 1910 as a manufacturing structure, 400 West Rich Street now houses artists, performance artists, farmers markets, co-working space and collaborative thinkers.
  • The land on the west bank of the Scioto River, eventually named Franklinton in 1797 by Lucas Sullivant, had been inhabited by people indigenous to America for hundreds of years. Check out Downtown/Franklinton on WOSU's Columbus Neighborhoods!
  • Next time you see a Columbus Snow Plow, thank the driver (at least give the driver plenty of space to maneuver)! The following information is directly from Columbus Department of Public Safety: Columbus’ Snow Warriors are responsible for 6,387 lane miles of roadway, more than Cleveland and Cincinnati combined (or 2,066 linear miles, approximately the distance between Columbus and Las Vegas).