Columbus! Something New 5.1.16

C!SN 5.1.16: Jessica joins us for up and coming events in Columbus, and we chat about Clintonville Farmers' Market, Arbor Day at the Franklin Park Conservatory, Cap City run, and the Pizzuti Collection.


Planning your week? Jessica is in the studio with a variety of suggestions! Take a listen and find the events which sound perfect for you! Links are provided below. The Clintonville Farmers' Market and Franklin Park Conservatory are where Burke, Carrigan and I spent our Saturday. These are two attractions you must check out. Jessica and her husband, Jason, participated in the Cap City run and she tells us all about it. And on Sunday, they went to the Family Day at the Pizzuti Collection. All this and more on the podcast connecting you to all things local!

C!SN is always happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd!


Up and Coming Events in Columbus and Surrounding Areas: