Looking for reasons to support local? Look no further!

Matt Overholt - 7THIRTY8 Apparel

I think what I do in particular, which is designing and printing my own line of shirts not only supports me but by purchasing one of my shirts at one of the dozen or so stores that carry my them you are supporting them, supporting their small group of employees, and thus supporting that community in the process. Big chains may be doing some of the same but supporting local encourages those that had a dream and went for it. It is extremely tough and very discouraging when you try to do something yourself or on your own because of the strong hold that big chains have over communities and by supporting those that take the risk you are supporting the small guy that went for it. Doesn’t that just feel better?!
— Matt, 7THIRTY8 Apparel

As a local business and employer there is an obvious financial chain established when buying as much locally of what Sugardaddy’s uses as possible, supporting our vendors. We support our staff who goes on to support their families, who continue to expend their wages locally. An undeniable “ripple” outward.

A less obvious ripple is what Sugardaddy’s does philanthropically – between involvement with Children’s Hunger Alliance, the Columbus Alzheimer’s Association, Capital Area Humane Society and others – we hope to make a difference in the lives of families, children and the animals they love a little bit at a time.

Perhaps it ripples forward as a small reminder to other business that while they may not have a lot to give back to the communities that support them, each and every small ripple makes an untold difference.

The best thing about a ripple? You just never know how far it spreads.
— Lisa, Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties

Dawn McCombs - GLEAN Stuff Reawakened

When you support a local business, the money stays in the community. So, for example, a small business like mine, in addition to the many other small business owners in the Short North, when we are hiring people to make our signs we go to the local businesses to do that. When we are hiring accountants, we go to the local accountants. When we are getting our business cards and our tags we go to local designers and printers... I feel supporting local also causes a ripple effect.
— Dawn, GLEAN Stuff Reawakened

We believe there is real, fiscal value when local businesses support other local businesses and when consumers shop local.
— Wolf, Small Business Beansalk