Columbus! Something New 11.1.15

C!SN 11.1.15: Columbus Ohio Podcasters, Grandview, DK Diner, Earth Elements, and Actual Brewing.


If you are a podcaster, or have thought about creating a podcast, check out the Columbus Ohio Podcasters monthly meet-up! Jessica and I attended our first ever podcast meet up where we joined podcasters with years of experience, and also people who are planning to podcast. It was a great mix of experience levels in attendance. I included a link below to take you to more information! As Burke and I always say, if you have an interest in something, why not podcast! One podcaster is Steve, and his podcast is The Muppet Cast! Give him a listen!

My coworker, Becca, brings the best donuts to work from DK Diner. Located in Grandview on 1715 3rd St, DK Diner is the place to go when you want delicious donuts and great food! A few things to keep in mind to make your experience at DK Diner as amazing as ours:

  1. You may have to park on the street. It is Ok to park on the street, the food is worth it!
  2. Give your name and how many are in your party to the person at the outside counter. Once you do, go in and serve yourself a drink. DK Diner's drinks are self serve, except adult beverages.
  3. Your check will be waiting for you at the back counter. Tell them your table ID, and they will give you the check to pay.

Burke had the Turkey Club, and I had a Greek salad and BLT (with spinach instead of lettuce). See above images and also the image of the chocolate donut. Love it.

We left the diner and went to Earth Elements on 1407 Granview Ave. Last year we stopped at Earth Elements and I purchased a custom blended patchouli/lime perfume. It is impossible to have too much patchouli. And this time was no different. They offer much more than custom blended perfumes. You can go there to check out natural skin, body and hair care products! Take a look at their website, then head over to Grandview for some custom perfume and body products!

Saturday evening we headed to a favorite spot: Actual Brewing! The flavor of every beer at Actual is so unique and delicious. My favorite is Fat Julian. It is unbelievable. Also, it has a fabulous name: Julian. My dad's name was Julian, so I am partial! Actual has grown since we first visited in the cold of spring this year. In addition to the tap room, you can find them in over 200 accounts! No excuse! Drink Actual!

C!SN is always happy to feature the music of Captain Kidd!